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What to look for in a photo
sharing website.

Sharing your photos online is a great way to build community, grow your photography skills, and even make a little money on the side. But when choosing your photo sharing app, website, or platform, it’s important to consider a few essentials:

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photo sales

Who can see your photos?

There’s a big difference between sharing your photos with friends, family, or clients, and sharing your photos with the world. Make sure that your photo sharing site lets you control the visibility of your photos and galleries, not just to visitors, but to search engines, too.

organization and storage

Who can access your photos?

And speaking of search engines, how accessible your photos are is critical when photo sharing. The best photo sharing sites will allow you easy access to your photos, but give you the tools to keep them safe from prying eyes. Does your photo sharing site harvest data, photos, or information about you? Do you know if you own the photos you upload? Can you protect sensitive photos or galleries with passwords or unlisted links? If you don’t know, find out.

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Who can download your photos?

Lastly, any good photo sharing site will help you keep your photos safe from misuse and theft. Simple tools like right-click protections can go a long way toward deterring would-be photo thieves.

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