A little Syrian child is happily helping his mother to hold winter clothes’ boxes distributed by UNICEF in Eastern Raqqa rural, Salhabiya informal settlement on 13 February 2022.
A little Syrian child is happily helping his mother to hold winter clothes’ boxes distributed by UNICEF in Eastern Raqqa rural, Salhabiya informal settlement on 13 February 2022.

Donate to help
protect children
in emergencies

£27 could provide an emergency shelter for one family, helping to protect children and keep them warm and safe.

Make a donation today to help prevent malnutrition. Unicef/2016/Maule-Ffinch

£10 could provide life-saving therapeutic food for a child for a week.

Hibo, 2 years old drinks water inside his home in Somalia. East Africa Crisis

£5 could provide 1,786 water purification tablets to purify water in emergency situations.

£68 could help pay for school supplies to help at least 20 children continue their education in an emergency.

UNICEF’s family hygiene and dignity kit contain a bucket, washing powder, bars of soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, washable napkins among others. Photo by Kazutaka Sekine

£39 could provide a family with an emergency water and hygiene kit

Emergency first aid kit including supplies

£32 a month could provide a large first aid kit for a health worker.

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Always on: Children’s Emergency Fund

When a crisis hits, our Children’s Emergency Fund means we are always ready.  

  • We operate the largest humanitarian response in the world. 
  • We protect children from conflict, disasters and disease.
  • And we help them to keep learning. 

This vital fund means that as soon as there’s an emergency, we can respond.

Right now, we’re supporting children in crisis in Syria, Myanmar, Haiti, Yemen and Lebanon.

Emergencies are in our DNA

We were set up over 75 years ago to support children after World War Two. We’re hardwired to protect children during crisis.  

This dedicated fund means we can help as soon as it’s needed, even when crises don’t make the news.

We can stay as long as needed, and help communities to recover quickly and build resilience to future emergencies.

Our amazing supporters help to keep this vital fund topped up and ready for action at any time.

Donate now to support our life-saving work  

12 year old Patricien with his grandmother fled DRC

12 year old Patricien fled the armed conflict in Kibumba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, in October 2022. Last year, UNICEF supported 28 million children in crisis situations to access education.

How your donation helps 

Your gift will go directly to our Children’s Emergency Fund to protect children and families caught up in crises with whatever they need, be that life-saving therapeutic food, water and sanitation, temporary schools and clinics, and so much more.

You can help make sure all our humanitarian hubs are fully stocked with supplies like first aid kits, baby packs, shelters, and winter supplies, saving vital time.

Where has our Children’s Emergency Fund helped?

Whenever you see a humanitarian crisis in the news, UNICEF is ready to support. And our Children’s Emergency Fund means we can also reach children in crises that don’t make the headlines.

Thanks to donations like yours to our Children’s Emergency Fund, we’ve sent vital supplies to children and families in Mozambique, Haiti, Armenia, Venezuela, Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo and dozens more.

We were able to support children in Ukraine before the conflict escalated into a war. 

Donating by phone

If you’re in the UK and would prefer to make a donation by phone, you can call our dedicated donation line: 0300 330 5699. For other ways you can donate please refer to our Donation FAQs.

Donate now to support our life-saving work

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