SmugMug Spotlight: Heidi Anderson.

A couple in cowboy hats standing together left of frame overlooking a valley during golden hour.

This month, we had the pleasure to catch up with Heidi Anderson of Legacy Livestock Imaging. Heidi is a long-time SmugMug customer and an incredible photographer. She and her husband, Charles, have grown their business and now employs a staff of professional photographers ready to capture and tell the agricultural story. Read on for our conversation with Heidi.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Anderson.

SmugMug: Hi Heidi! Thanks for talking with us today. We would love it if you could tell our readers more about you.

Heidi Anderson: I’m a professional photographer specializing in agriculture and rural America. We work hand in hand with producers of beef cattle, specifically for advertising and marketing purposes. We also shoot a variety of livestock shows, seniors, weddings, and families throughout the country.

SM: Wow — that’s so interesting! Please tell us, what first interested you in photography?

HA: I’ve always had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember. I started my career as a portrait photographer and I also photographed a number of professional ballet companies. Then, I married a rancher and our business took a shift in that direction. I found a niche in the Agricultural industry.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Anderson.

SM: That is definitely a niche market, but you’ve been incredibly successful! What camera gear do you use now?

HA: We use all Nikon cameras and lenses. We currently run with the Nikon 850 and z7. The dynamic range extraordinary and honestly I have had a Nikon in my hand since I got my first 35mm film camera in junior high.

SM: Tell us more about what type of photography you shoot and why you decided to gravitate towards this genre.

HA: I shoot senior portraits, family sessions, corporate agriculture, and livestock shows. You should always photograph what you love and where your passion is. Communicating the realities of life in rural America is my passion — the people are amazing.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Anderson.

SM: We love the stories that you tell and can see that coming through in your photos. How long have you been using SmugMug and what got you started?

HA: I’ve been using SmugMug since 2009. I was venturing into digital storage and delivery and have been thrilled ever since.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Anderson.

SM: Do you have any tips or advice for a new SmugMug user?

HA: Follow your “why”. As long as you communicate through your lens the heart and soul of what you do your art will reflect that. And the success of your business will follow.

SM: Most definitely! Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts with us today!

Photo courtesy of Heidi Anderson.


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