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If you want unlimited cloud storage for your photos at a single fixed price with incredible photo protection, SmugMug is that place for you. One low price—every photo.

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Why is full-resolution, unlimited storage important?

No matter what kind of photographer you are, chances are you take a lot of photos. Whether you snap from the hip, cataloging and capturing every moment from the camera in your mobile device or you’re a dual-wielding DSLR professional, the sheer volume of photos you take is bound to be massive.

With that many photos at stake, you have to make sure they’re protected, safe and sound on a trustworthy cloud storage service. You need to be able to count on never running out of room, never getting charged hidden storage fees, and never losing the quality of your stored images.

SmugMug is the very best place online to store photos. With unlimited storage, high-resolution backup options, and affordability, you can’t find a better solution for all your photo storage needs.

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What is cloud photo storage:

Cloud photo storage is uploading your images to a network of servers that are easily accessible from any of your connected devices.  The cloud has massive storage space available and allows the people you share your images with like clients, friends and family easy and quick access.

Is online cloud storage the best?

Yes, online cloud based storage is the best option especially if you’re using internet-connected devices.. By using cloud photo storage you can access all of your images from anywhere you are as opposed to continually buying storage devices like hard drives that can break, corrupt, or get lost or stolen. The only time the cloud is not better is when you will not have connectivity. Although it is a good idea to have cloud photo storage to back up your images and devices once you are connected again in case your devices get damaged.

What are some worries when thinking about unlimited photo storage?

You should consider four main factors when considering a photo storage plan:
  • Security: You want to know that your photos are safely stored, but also protected and kept private with strong protection settings.
  • Cost: Does the service use a tiered storage plan where you get charged more with larger amounts of storage or does it come at a single price without charging more as you use up more space?
  • Quality: Some free or low-cost services will alter the quality of your photos, downsizing them. When you go to retrieve your photos for sharing or printing, they’ll be significantly smaller and significantly worse quality.
  • Ease of use: You need to be able to find your photos easily, share them easily, and access them easily. If you can’t easily organize your photos in a way that you like and can understand, you should shop elsewhere.

Do you offer photo storage for devices like iPhones, Droids and Galaxy?

Yes, as long as you connect your device to your SmugMug account, you'll be able to use our secure and online photo storage for all of the images on your device.

Does SmugMug have an app to back up photos?

Yes, you can download the SmugMug app to any iOS or Android device, or any PC or Mac and back up your photos. You can back up photos manually, or set it and forget it with automatic uploads on most devices.

Better storage at a better price. Try SmugMug today.

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