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Why should I use SmugMug to sell photos online?

All-in-one sales tools built for photographers.

SmugMug’s sales tools are built from the ground up to support your hobby, side-hustle, or full-time profession. From payments and orders to fulfillment and delivery, we take care of everything but taking the photos.

Sell photos at your price.

SmugMug’s pricelist tool lets you easily manage all your pricing in one place. Just choose your print partner, profit margin, and the photos or gallery you’d like to sell, and you’re in business. Pricelists can be applied to multiple galleries, or you can build custom lists for each gallery or client, the choice is yours.

Robust client management and marketing tools.

From the contact page to the shopping cart, SmugMug helps you delight your clients at every step. Proof delayed orders let you triple-check your images before printing or digital download. Password protected galleries give clients the freedom to browse securely. And custom coupons, event marketing, and photo packages let you sell more when it matters most.

Hundreds of items to choose from.

Prints are only the beginning. See for yourself.

Top quality print partners.

You can rest easy knowing your photos look their best thanks to the most trusted printing labs in the world and our 100% print guarantee. With SmugMug you can even opt for your own color correction to ensure that your prints and gifts look exactly how you want them.

Branded assets that sell you, not just your photos.

Build a name for yourself with custom printmarking, backprinting, and a personalized shopping cart that matches the look and feel of your website. You can even add branded thank you cards to your orders and package them with custom logo stickers.

What should I consider when selling photos online?

Making the move to selling your photos online is easier than you might think. Before you take the plunge, ask yourself a few basic questions:

photo nichefocus on audiencesell photos
photo niche

What’s my photography niche?

With billions of photos uploaded to the internet every day, having a niche can give you a strong platform on which to build a business, whether it’s full time or just going in the background. Are you a street photographer who wants to sell art prints? Do you want to break into family and school portraiture? Are weddings and events calling your name? Whatever your passion, narrowing it down to something you can market is key to successful selling.

focus on audience

Who are my customers?

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but really focusing on who you want to market to can also help build your photo selling business. Friends and family are a great place to start, but really understanding who’s in the market for your landscapes, portraits, or abstract avant-garde photo compositions will help you a lot in the long run. Be ready to hunt down referrals and power your own word-of-mouth marketing if you want to go pro.

sell photos

How do I want to sell my photos?

Some photographers are hands-on all the way from shooting to shipping. Others prefer a more hands-off approach, letting the experts at the print shop make sure everything is in order. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, make sure you have a website that lets you control the things you want to, and relax about the things you don’t.

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