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Photo privacy controls for every photographer.

Just because you store your photos online doesn’t mean they’re for everyone to see. Secure every one of your photos with SmugMug’s detailed privacy settings. Try it free.

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Why should I worry about
photo privacy?

Not every photo you take is for everyone’s eyes. Managing the privacy and visibility of your photos is a good idea for anyone who stores their photos online, especially if you’re building a photo website.

If you’re a professional photographer, you know that managing client photos is critical to the success of your business. Having easy-to-use privacy controls and password-protected galleries ensures a smooth workflow for you, and your clients can be confident that their photos are safe and sound.

If you’re a casual photographer, social media user, or just looking for a safe place to store and share your photos, privacy settings can help you choose who sees what and how—so you can store every shot, but only share the best of the best.

photo privacy

What are the best ways to control photo privacy?

When you upload your photos to the internet, there are a few ways to manage their privacy. Controlling how visible your photos are both to visitors and to search engines is a great place to start, and password protecting particular images, galleries, folders, or pages can get you even better privacy protections.

With SmugMug, you can make your photos, galleries, and pages:

  • Invisible to visitors and search engines (great for storage and privacy)
  • Visible only to visitors with a direct link (great for sharing with specific people)
  • Visible to the public and search engines to make your site easier to find (great for growing your following)

Chances are you’ll want a mix of these: non-public galleries and folders to store your photos in bulk, private links for proofs and client work, and public galleries to show off your best shots.

If you want to add a layer of privacy to your photos, you can also manage password protections. Give your friends, family, or clients the password to a gallery and they’ll be able to browse through the photos you’ve hand-selected for them—but not for other people/clients.

Lastly, SmugMug also offers watermarking and right click protections to keep your photos from being stolen or misused.

Every photo, safe and sound. Try SmugMug today.

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