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What are some things to consider when building a photo website?

Building a photography website depends largely on your needs as a photographer, but these are the main considerations for most of our photographers and artists.

photo salesorganization and storagephoto galleries
photo sales

Photo sales

A big question right off the bat is whether you want to sell your photos, or just host your images online for visitors to see and admire. Selling prints to friends and family can be a fruitful side hustle for many photographers. Even if you don’t want to sell photos now, having a photo website with sales tools built right in will make it a breeze to start should customers come calling.

organization and storage

Organization and storage

The inner workings of your photo website are just as important as their beautiful exterior. When you’re building a photo website, make sure to check if your website builder has file compression or storage limits, which can negatively affect how your photos look online and the number of photos you can store.

photo galleries


Another consideration is how you want to display your photos on your photo site. Do you want to feature just the highlights? Do you want visitors to be able to see a full catalog? Do you need special clients-only galleries or proofing pages? 

Making sure that your website builder has the tools to help you organize and display your photos just the way you want them can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

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